New coating pattern in our offering

19 October 2017
New coating pattern in our offering

In response to the expectations of our customers, we introduce new patterns of woodgrain coatings into our offering.

This material can now be ordered through eProfil in as much as 5 different patterns, and the new ones amongst these are offered in the 0.60x1250 mm format, under the following names:


We remind that the existing pattern, which enjoys unwavering popularity, is available not only with the 0.50 mm thickness but also with the 0.70 mm thickness:


Polyester paint coating with a thickness of 40 microns and a layer of Z275 zinc or ZM120 zinc-magnesium ensure the characteristic neat appearance of wood and, most importantly, suitable corrosion resistance and protection against UV radiation. This combination enables outdoor applications particularly in situations where high weather resistance is required.

Our offering still includes materials with PVCF 200 woodgrain film in the following colours:

Product details can be obtained from the Sales Department and from the Regional Representatives.