• BETA®

    BETA® is a line of steel metal roofing-tiles, specifically designed to provide a product of good functional properties, simultaneously offering the best value for money. For this reason, BETA® steel metal roofing-tiles are primarily recommended for investment-related applications, and for clients, who see price as the most important factor, when choosing a product. Each purchase order is completed with full consideration paid to the dimensions of every particular plane on the roof slope, so at to minimise material losses.

  • ALFA® plus
    The 350 or 400mm ALFA®plus module provides more possibilities, which, consequently, translate into greater satisfaction. The ALFA®plus module has been touched up in every aspect, demonstrating its charm on all sides of the house… and the world. Choose a roof of unique character.
  • OMEGA®

    The OMEGA® roof tile is quite distinctive, when compared to the previously available models. It has a characteristic line and high front, which offers the semblance of classic heaviness, typical for cement and ceramic tiles. The OMEGA® roof tile is both austere and beautiful, light and at the same time solid, majestic and within reach.

  • GAMMA®

    GAMMA® tin tiles make moderm roofing, whose shape is very similar to conventional ceramic roofing-tiles.

    Particular feature of the GAMMA® tin tiles is their symetrical shape, which makes their assembly very easy; moreover final visual effect of the roofing is exceptionally aesthetic thanks to precise pressing of the tiles.